Monday, April 12, 2021

If it ain't one thing - It's another!

 “If ain’t one thing -- it’s another.”  By Gilda Radner

 Do you remember the old Saturday Night Live with Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, and Gilda Radner doing a newscast?? Gilda’s portrayal of Roseanna Roseannadanna always got me laughing.

I’m stealing her line “If it ain’t one thing – it’s another,” as the topic for this newsletter.

If you paid attention, on Sep 29, 2020, I reported Hurricane Sally, with 100-mph winds, passed over the top of our house and striped enough roof shingles to soak my writing area.

 Well, if it ain’t one thing – it’s another!

The Weather Service predicted a cold front to blow through late Friday (early Saturday) with a “potential for severe weather.” A Thunderstorm cell formed offshore and rode along the fast-moving front, passing over the island’s middle – dropping 4-inch hail – softball-size ice-balls.

(No, I didn’t go outside in the rain at 3:30 AM to take pictures of large ice-balls.)



The new roof I had installed in November? It has “pock” marks across it and needs replacing! The vinyl-siding on the south side (the wind side) looks like vandals attacked with baseball bats and broke holes and cracked the corner pieces, the light-fixtures, and even the streetlight.


We stayed in the house for Hurricane Sally. The house shook from gusts, banged as loose debris struck, and the wind moaned before the “eye” passed overhead for 2 hours of eerie silence.

The Hail storm rattled the house as if people struck the house with hammers or baseball bats with loud and continuous hammering for 15-miuntes until the hail blew itself out over nearby Perdido Bay and settled in for a rainy night with no more hail. The noise louder than thunder when the hail fell.

The Hail broke car windows and dented all the cars parked outside in our neighborhood. My old “beater” lost 3 windows and, with 3 large hail dings, really looking like the “beater” I call it.


I just finished painting new wood on the screen porch overlooking the pond and state park, and repainted the porch stairs, I tell folks how much I enjoy living on an island at the Gulf of Mexico’s edge, but it’s becoming a love/hate relationship.


On the upside, the deer from the state park have been visiting off and on most rainy mornings to eat the last of my camellia blooms, but the hail destroyed my early blooming roses.


Win some – lose some?

 Thanks for riding along.



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